Anatomy of a Blog


With so much diversity of style a Blog is capable of representing, not using a Blog to connect and inform with your clients is an opportunity passed by. In their early days, Blogs earned themselves a reputation to being emotional, soul pouring diaries on-line. Many business have shunned them as they prefer a more ‘serious’ vehicle to transmit their messages.

Yet the modern Blogs of today have emerged to be powerful players ranging from informative, serious, professional to inspirational and yes, some still are emotional diaries. The key is to make your Blog what you need it to be- a key tool of communication with your clients.


There are many different types of entries or “voices” that a blog entry can have. While most blogs tend to be of one sort or another, it is always advised to mix it up a bit to keep the clients interest.

Article Series: As the soul of blogs is to provide education and information, one of the best uses of this format is to do tutorials, launch a series of additional information or indepth research on a topic or item. A normal 1200 word article could easily be broken down into installment pieces that can cover 5 or 6 installments. Great for those with subscribed followers.

Storytelling/ Anecdote. This is a popular style for industry or trends focused blogs, that aim to inspire and connect with their reader in order to drive home a specific point or value system.

News Update: This is your classic ‘business’ entry, where you simply inform your client of the latest happenings within your company, whether it be a new product, approved funding, new location opening, specials being run, etc. Usually quite brief and strictly facts.

Upcoming Promotion: Similar but different from a News Update, the promotion is just that, a hype to build interest in your clients about up coming product launches, appearances at trade shows, etc. While shorter, these tend to use more buzz words and persuasive speech.

Link-back or Pay-it-Forward:
 this quick post is a great way to provide your clients value, yet still keep in touch, when pressed for time. The idea is to pass along a link to a company, blog or product that you enjoy and/or respect.

Personal Note:
 more of an editorial style piece, special event or current event relevant to company, these are more rare “open letters”, usually only once per quarter or less.